by Bret Sepulveda

Library Fantasy

June 2015

A twine game about reading. Made for the iluJam.

Help Me, I'm Drowning

May 2015

A strange and goofy adventure. I started playing with RPG Maker and didn't stop.

Fruit Language Opinions

November 2014

A small puzzle game about transformation and gem collecting.

Realistic Social Critcism

October 2014

A dada action game I made out of free stock resources. The game ends when the song is over.

The Chaos Gallery

July 2014

A twine game about walking around an art gallery.

For Your Consideration

June 2014

Windows only, sorry. A little toy where weird things happen. Press the letter keys on the keyboard to make it go.

The City Between Here and Nowhere

January 2014

A twine game I made for the naked twine jam about exploring a city. It's a bit silly.

Princess vs. The Octoqueen

December 2013

A simple bullet hell shmup against a single enemy. It fulfilled my new year's resolution for 2013 of finishing and publishing a complete game.